I envision an educational system that fills the time of teachers and learners with meaningful tasks instead of unending high-stakes tests. I want to help rewrite the landscape of education to include engaged, integrative learning and high impact practices for lifelong learning. I am also committed to co-mentoring as the most important form of collaborative scholarship.  I learn and grow from, with, and through my colleagues at every stage of our careers.

I’m a change agent. 

I can support your learning.


I believe in the power of portfolio thinking to help learners make connections among elements of curricular and co-curricular learning, to provide authentic assessment of learning, and to document learning and professional identity.



I support my colleagues as a co-mentor committed to consulting and workshopping on all matters related to teaching, learning, professional development, and the tenure, promotion, & merit process.



As an experienced program administrator, I provide guidance to and collaborate with aspiring, new, and veteran administrators to create and maintain engaging programs to inspire student learning.

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Let's collaborate.

What do you care about or want to change in higher education? How are you improving your teaching and learning? What are your gnawing questions in assessment and administration? How do you use portfolios? What’s most important to you in your career? Let’s work through these important issues together.