The Computer as Collaborator: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Dissonance, and Creativity

Michael Day

2:00: Overview and introductions

Who am I, who are you, and what are we doing here?

2:10: Exploring resources on the Web

We'll briefly review a few tools that might be helpful for spurring your creativity (and making you laugh!)

2:40: Composing time

Use one or several of the above tools (or another online tool of your choice) to help you make your own composition to share with the group.

3:15: Share your work

All must be ready to share.  Resistance is futile!

Link to our 2016 compositions!


Visual thesaurus

Dr. Nerve's Markov Page

Poem Generator

Wordsmith anagram generator

Plot generator

Adolescent poetry generator
(and try all the text generators)

Rhyme Generator

ReadWriteThink Poetry Apps






Each person must generate at least 50 words of poetry, or 100 words of prose.  Images and audio are fine, but not required.

If you work in a group, multiply that word count by the number of group members.  No groups larger than 4.

If you use a text generator, you must either a) significantly alter the text generated by the machine, and/or b) provide at least 75 words of commentary on why the machine-generated text is funny or interesting.

Post your response to the Google doc (you'll get a URL or invite). Be sure to mention which online tools you used, and how they helped (or did not help) you.